Felix 3.0

Tech Specs for Felix 3.0 printers

  • Nozzle diameter  0.35mm
  • Filament diameter: 1.75 mm
  • Build volume (x, y, z)  (250, 205, 230) mm, When printing where dual extrusion is required, the buildvolume reduces to 240mm. But when printing with a dual head and only using one of the two nozzles the x range is 250
  • Layer height  50 micron to 300 micron
  • Heated bed temperature range  0 - 95 degC, When isolating bottom temp can go upto 115 degC. Ultra light aluminum sandwich plate.
  • Nozzle temperature range  0- 275degC
  • Axes positioning resolution (x, y, z)  (50,50,10) micron

Slicing and printer control

    For the Felix printers we use Repetierhost, with the Curaengine to do the slicing


Published on  February 26th, 2015