software to print and prepare files

You can find some links to design software:

You can use your favorite 3D designsoftware, just make sure you can export STL files. That's the format needed to use the 3D printers.

  •     Autodesk 123D:
  •     Tinkercad:
  •     Autodesk Inventor :
  •     Solidworks :
  •     Sketchup :
  •     Blender :
  •     Freecad:

STL file Cleanup and file checking/adjusting software

  •     netfabb:
  •     meshlab :
  •     meshmixer:

Most of this software is opensource and free, some is commercial. You can download and install the software you need on your own laptop.
That will enable you to prepare and try more things at home, before coming to the fablab!

Published on  November 6th, 2014